Trump Overrules Everyone, Will Change Asylum Rules In Major Crackdown

President Trump is determined to solve the border crisis. The Democrats will not work with him and existing laws have stopped certain actions.

But Trump is a fighter and just when you think he is boxed in and all hope is gone, he finds a way. If you are fighting a bureaucracy, get bureaucratic.

Trump will simply leverage the bureaucracy to make the changes that will stop the mass migration.  We believe migrant claims and release them with a work permit in many cases.

With a work permit if you can believe that. Of course, they immediately call home and tell them they are safe and on top of it all, they are legally allowed to work. Which causes more to come because, why not go to work in the USA for a few years and make bank.

Most lose their asylum cases, but it may take years to hear the case so of course, it is worth it to work here legally for a few years.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The primary focus of the Trump administration will be regulations that reduce “pull” factors for migrants who claim asylum.

“The biggest area where USCIS dropped the ball is with the border crisis, because they oversee the asylum division, which oversees all grants of credible fear,” the official said. “It was meant to prevent this very sort of crisis, [but] because the granting of credible fear has been so astronomical at USCIS, it has mightily contributed to it.”

To limit admission of people claiming fear of persecution in their home countries, the White House is pushing cross-referencing of migrants with recent reports from their country, and consideration of whether they can be relocated internally within their own country.

“For at least six months we’ve been trying to get USCIS to cross-reference credible fear claims against country condition reports and they haven’t done so,” the official said.

The official also blasted USCIS for granting work permits to those who are released into the U.S. pending adjudication of their asylum claims, contending most claims won’t be granted, and that the work permits attract further migration.

“USCIS still issues employment authorization documents when an individual merely applies for asylum, including those who enter illegally. What this does is that individuals get here, and they use social media to report back home that not only did the assertion of a credible fear claim get them released into the country, but now I actually have a work permit,” the official said. “That helps create a giant magnet factor.”

Axios reports:

Make it more difficult for people to invoke their fear of returning to their home country in order to seek asylum in the U.S.

The official said the new DHS would “apply greater rigor and scrutiny to these [asylum] claims rather than credulously accepting what’s said.”

The official said the State Department could “produce an analysis” comparing an asylum-seeker’s claims “against the actual conditions in their home country.”

The official said the White House is frustrated by the granting of work permits to asylum seekers so soon after entering the country, describing the practice as “a major draw.”

The official described previous U.S. practice as “charity toward all, malice toward none.”

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