Ann Coulter Goes After Trump In Scathing Op-Ed

President Donald Trump has a long list of accomplishments since taking office.

The stock markets are soaring to record highs, the economy is booming, nearly 8 million new jobs have been created, the U.S.-Mexico border has been secured, several of the world’s most dangerous terrorists have been killed, and the American people largely approve of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But that’s not enough for conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who is apparently done with Trump.

Coulter penned a scathing op-ed for Breitbart recently and declared: “Bernie Sanders is his greatest nightmare.”

True, the media, the donors, and the Democratic Party are convinced that Sanders is a sure loser — just as, four years ago, Fox News, the donors, and the Republican Party knew that Trump was a sure loser.

What made both Trump and Sanders unique in their respective primaries was their voluble opposition to Wall Street, war, and immigration. I’m beginning to suspect that Americans hate Wall Street, hate war, and hate mass, low-wage immigration.

She then praised Sanders for being against war and attacked Trump for recent military strikes in the middle east.

Trump became president, and the only people working overtime on his war stance became his own voters, constantly on edge that he’s about to start a war with Syria or Iran.

Sanders has also shown remarkable consistency in his contempt for Wall Street. (There’s a reason poor Mike Bloomberg was running.)

She then attacked Trump for supposedly being on the side of big banks and praised Sanders for his anti-Wall Street stance.

Trump complained endlessly about the loophole, saying, “the hedge fund guys are getting away with murder.” He said some of these people “are making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax, and I think it’s unfair.”

The sad ending to this story is that then Trump became president and hired half of Goldman Sachs. More Goldman Sachs employees work in the Trump administration than worked for Presidents Obama and Bush combined.

Coulter has been going after Trump a lot lately.

Coulter recently attacked Trump’s foreign policy, saying the Iranian regime posed no threat to Americans and that the administration’s focus should be on “this hemisphere” instead of participating in wars with “hell hole” countries.

“I’m not the only person who figured out we fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here,” the conservative media pundit said on Breitbart News Tonight.

“Iranians are no threat to Americans in this country. Neither are Iraqis. Mexicans are. 30,000 Americans, a conservative estimate, killed every year by Mexicans from the drug cartels, drunk driving, the illegal allies. That’s not even counting all the social services, it’s not counting the child rapes, the lost wages,” she stated.

Before that, Coulter attacked Trump for his “inaction” on the border, wondering how a “President Biden” would be any different.

“Trump won’t build a wall, private citizens step in to build the wall, and 1 powerless judge tells them to stop. The president does nothing,” Coulter said. “How would it be different under President Biden?”

This tweet came in reaction to a story that the group “We Build the Wall,” which is attempting to build a border wall privately, was ordered to stop construction because of a “butterfly sanctuary.”

Back in November, Coulter said she is giving up on Trump after criticizing the president on his “failures” to implement an America First immigration agenda.

Both tweets came after a report stating that the U.S. Supreme Court may be poised to deliver a gigantic ruling on the DACA program.

The nation’s highest court will finally decide on the fate of DACA by June 2020, and the Trump administration has a good shot at winning its case to strike down the program.

But Coulter’s comments took many by surprise.

Coulter has said that Trump “deserves” to lose his re-election bid if he fails to build a border wall — but the president could use a DACA deal to pressure Democrats into allocating millions of dollars into completing the entire border wall.

She should also remember that without Trump, the America First movement wouldn’t even be possible.

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