Trolling Or Serious? Trump Suggests His Personal Attorney If Supreme Court Vacancy Emerges

After President Donald Trump’s acquittal in his impeachment trial, another bombshell has come, and the Democrat Party’s hair is going to be on fire.

The odds are that President Trump is going to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice, especially if he wins again in 2020 and the odds favor it being the spot currently held by 86-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She is an ultra-liberal and it would make Democrats insane if the name that has been floated, Jay Sekulow, was the man who took the spot.

Sekulow was the star attorney for the president’s defense team in the impeachment trial and Democrats cannot stand him.

Having him as the next justice of the Supreme Court would infuriate them and make for fantastic television during the confirmation hearings.

“He’s certainly qualified,” former Trump attorney John Dowd said to Politico. “He’d be a terrific Supreme Court justice.”

“The president listens to him and Jay speaks the truth to power and the president appreciates it, even when he disagrees with him,” he said. “That’s what I observed.”

Even CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin praised Sekulow as a fantastic legal mind, though he disagreed with how he mentioned the Mueller report to the Senate.

“I was surprised that Jay Sekulow, who I think is a very fine lawyer — seen him argue in the Supreme Court several times — wandered in the wasteland of the Mueller report, that didn’t seem relevant,” he said.

The president likes to reward loyalty and there have not been many who have been more loyal than Sekulow.

“The president listens to him and Jay speaks the truth to power and the president appreciates it, even when he disagrees with him,” Dowd told Politico. “That’s what I observed.

“You want to keep your job? You get along with Jay,” Joe diGenova, an attorney who briefly worked for President Trump said.

But the president also watched as the Democrats attempted character assassination on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with flimsy accusations of sexual assault from his teenage days.

And he has to know that there is a distinct possibility that they would comb Sekulow’s yearbook to find someone, anyone who would level similar accusations against him.

That should not be a reason to keep someone from a Supreme Court nomination, but the Democrats are so desperate for the power they will do anything to keep it.

On the other hand, President Trump knows how much nominating Sekulow would drive Democrats insane which is a good reason for him to do it.

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