U.S. Senate Passes Huge Measure 54 To 41 – 11 Republicans Betrayed Trump

Another day, another radical bill passed in Congress that will only harm Americans and make the nation less safe.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were likely smiling big time this week after another radical bill passed — and President Donald Trump is likely furious over the measure.

House Democrats passed a measure to block Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border.

The measure passed in the House by a vote of 236 to 174.

It also passed in the GOP-controlled Senate 54-41, and 11 Republicans turned their back on Trump and sided with Democrats.

The Hill reports:

The measure is aimed at preventing the diversion of $3.6 billion for military construction projects toward the construction of Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border without congressional approval.

Passage of the measure marks the second time Congress has approved legislation challenging Trump’s authority to invoke emergency powers to build his wall.

The president vetoed an earlier resolution in March.

The good news is that the radical measure did not meet the threshold to resist a veto, so the president can override the measure.

In other words, the president’s emergency declaration will remain in place, which allows him to use funds from other U.S. government projects to fund the border wall.

Democrats voting against another one of Trump’s agenda items is not surprising.

However, it is shocking that almost a dozen Republicans betrayed the president and apparently agreed with Democrats that there was no need for an emergency declaration at the southern border.

The 11 Senate GOP lawmakers voting against Trump include several usual suspects:

  • Sens. Susan Collins (Maine)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Mitt Romney (Utah)
  •  Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)
  • Roy Blunt (Missouri)
  • Mike Lee (Utah)
  • Rand Paul (Kentucky)
  • Jerry Moran (Kansas)
  • Rob Portman (Ohio)
  • Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
  • Roger Wicker (Mississippi)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced the result as another “show vote.”

“Unwilling to work with the president and Senate Republicans on a long-term bipartisan solution for border security, Senate Democrats are making us repeat the same show vote again,” McConnell said.

This is going to trigger a very big fight in Congress leading up to November, where a new spending bill will need to be passed or the federal government will shut down.

Democratic leaders have said they plan to offer zero dollars for Trump’s wall.

Republicans are proposing that $5 billion from domestic programs be spent on the wall, with plans to divert another $7 billion in military construction funds to border projects.

If the Senate approves an additional $12 billion in funding for the wall, that would likely fund the rest of the project.

The Trump administration has said that around 900 miles of the border wall will either be built or updated by the 2020.

That leaves around 1,000 miles on the border that would need a barrier of some sorts.

It could be even less given some areas are too dangerous for immigrants to cross and/or has natural barriers that prevent crossing.

The additional $12 billion would likely cover that with no problem at all. And Democrats are going to keep trying their hardest to stop Trump from getting this done.

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