VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld Calls Juan ‘Ignorant,’ Proves He’s Lying About Crowd Booing Trump

Most people who watch Fox News have been waiting for the day that someone finally called out left-wing host Juan Williams for the ignoramus that he is.

And on Tuesday, that was longtime Fox host Greg Gutfeld — and he didn’t hold back.

During a segment on “The Five,” the panel began discussing President Donald Trump attending an UFC event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night in New York City.

Williams kicked things off by attacking Trump supporters, claiming Trump is “booed everywhere he goes,” and falsely asserting that the crowd booed Trump when he was introduced at the event and shown on the jumbotron.

Williams was pushing the fake news narrative from lying mainstream media.

The “booing” narrative has been debunked by several people, including Donald Trump Jr., who attended the fight with his father and brother, Eric Trump.

Below is the video clip from Trump Jr., which makes it clear that the president received boisterous cheers.


Just because 10 people out of 30,000 boo, doesn’t mean the “crowd booed” Trump.

After co-host Jesse Waters patiently tried to explain that the president was being cheered, Gutfeld had enough and tore into Williams for blatantly lying to people about what happened.

After throwing his hands up in the air and calling Juan an “idiot,” Gutfeld tried explaining to Williams that the crowd loved Trump because he was one of the earliest supporters of UFC and Dana White, the president of the company.

At that point, Williams was visibly angry and unhappy about the verbal shellacking Gutfeld had given him on air and began to pout.


Williams pushing completely false information on The Five is another example of how Fox News is clearly changing.

The network has clearly shifted more towards the Left, several hosts and guests continue to attack Trump with leftist talking points, and a few top figures have already left the network in recent months.

Fox News star Catherine Herridge announced last week that she is leaving the network and will be joining CBS News.

Last month, anchor Shepherd Smith left the network after Fox executives reportedly warned him to stop attacking Trump and his colleagues or he could be fired.

Before that, details from a Fox News meeting leaked and revealed network hosts Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum apparently went after Trump during a closed-door meeting.

It certainly seems as if Fox News is being run by liberals who are desperately trying to help take down Trump and prevent him from serving a second term in office.

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