VIDEO: Just When You Thought Elizabeth Warren Could Not Embarrass Herself Any Worse


As if Elizabeth Warren hadn’t previously displayed enough cringe-worthy behavior, she went ahead and one-upped herself this week.

The Democratic Senator from Massachusetts attempted to live stream a video to Instagram in which she was standing in her kitchen, drinking a beer. It seemed to be a sad attempt at connecting with younger Americans who would likely be voting in the 2020 presidential election. She ended up looking like a robotic fool.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Warren used Instagram to live-stream video of herself from in her kitchen, knocking back a cold one shortly after announcing her 2020 ‘exploratory committee,’ on Monday.

Elizabeth Warren copied Commie princess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her live stream kitchen hang out. Ocasio Cortez recently did something similar to connect with young voters.

Elizabeth Warren sounded monotone and robotic; we aren’t sure who is more robotic — Pocahontas Warren or Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren acted surprised that her husband Bruce suddenly appeared in the kitchen — as if it’s out of the norm for a man to be in the kitchen looking for food…

The Senator then offered her husband his own beer, thanking him for showing her so much support. She told him, “I’m glad you’re here.”

Then, the fake Indian Senator leaned in to read Instagram names aloud of those who were viewing her live stream, all while taking swigs of her beer. The whole thing was incredibly awkward.

Take a look at the video below, in which Warren attempts to connect to Americans from inside multi-million dollar Victorian home, which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

The Gateway Pundit writes, “On Monday, Pocahontas officially launched her 2020 exploratory committee and posted a video to social media. The 4 and a half minute video Warren posted painted a very dark picture of the US — Warren echoed Socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders and railed against the ‘millionaires and billionaires.’ Oddly, Pocahontas didn’t mention her Native American heritage in her campaign video, but she did lash out at top Fox News anchors such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.”

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