VP Mike Pence Lays Down The Law On Democrat Ally

Watch out – here comes Mike “Hoosier” Pence!

Vice President Pence is a warrior for what’s right, and he just laid down the law!

He is a rising star among conservatives. Why? Because he’s loyal to Trump and his convictions.

He loves our freedom and the Constitution. That means he’s a powerful enemy of the Left and their socialist agenda.

Not only does he oppose socialism coming to our shores—he’s taking the fight to one of the most socialist nations in the world.


Terminator Pence took a cannon to Venezuela!

He called out the country, naming it a failed state. He referred to their president as a dictator. Pence also demanded that Maduro “must go.”

The vice president also announced the administration was giving an additional $60 million in aid to address the crisis in Venezuela. It’s clear that our government will not be helping a socialist dictatorship.

Instead, they are working to help remove this tyrant from office and restoring freedom to a battered and beaten country.

Queue Bernie Sanders grumbling in the back of the room as America punishes his favorite socialist state.

Pence called on the UN to back the democratically elected president of Venezuela.

Because of socialism, the country has fallen into the Dark Ages. People are desperate for food and basic necessities.

Meanwhile, the fat cats at the top live in luxury.

There is oppression, poverty, and no freedom. Pence is demanding that be brought to an end.

But will the UN heed our administration’s call or will we have to stand alone? We’ll have to wait and see.

By Adam Casalino

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