WARNING: Dangerous Flu Shots Being Given to Children Without Parental Consent


According to reports, a growing number of US parents were shocked to discover that their children had been given the flu vaccine at school this year without their consent, and they are now demanding to know how this was allowed to happen.

Shocked, Health Impact News decided to investigate further, and we believe that what we have uncovered are gross violations of civil rights and potentially illegal actions that put children at risk for harm for a medical procedure that only should be made with parental consent.

How to Vaccinate a Child Without Permission

Many parents in Austin, Texas, were shocked and angered by the wording used in the flu vaccine consent forms that were sent home with students from their schools recently.

According to an article published in the Statesman, many parents believed that it was an attempt by their local authorities to actively shame families who wished to opt out of the flu vaccination program.

Author Melissa B. Taboada stated that:

Parents are asked to check one of two boxes:


-Yes, I want to help protect my family and my community from flu by allowing my child to receive a flu vaccine!


-No, I do not want to help protect my family and my community by allowing my child to participate (reason).


She stated that:

The forms, created by Florida-based Healthy Schools, LLC, were distributed to a number of Central Texas school districts in partnership with the E3 Alliance, a local nonprofit that researches education trends.

Author: Christina England
Health Impact News

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