WATCH: Hearing Erupts After Gaetz PUMMELS Sharpton Into Silence Over Racist Comments

MSNBC host Al Sharpton is arguably one of the most divisive people in politics. For years, Sharpton has used his platform to stir racial tensions and make outrageous comments about his political opponents.

But Sharpton met his match on Thursday when he was blasted and called out by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz.

During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Gaetz confronted Sharpton over anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks he has made throughout his career.

Gaetz used a chunk of his time to read quotes from Sharpton about Jewish people, whites, and blacks.

“Have you ever referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ or ‘diamond merchants?’” Gaetz asked at one point during a tense back-and-forth.

“No sir, I referred to one in Harlem, an individual,” Sharpton acknowledged.

Sharpton also said he did not recall quotes attributed to him regarding “crackers” and “homos.”

“But I have said things about blacks and whites. I’m glad you made it clear that I don’t only attack whites. Thank you for that,” Sharpton said.

“What I was saying was clearly that I have disagreed with blacks and whites. I have used language graphically sometimes to do so, some of which I have grown beyond. But none of which shows anything other than I am an equal-opportunity attacker.”



Sharpton surprised many last month after he made a bombshell 2020 announcement.

While speaking with BuzzFeed News, Sharpton said he won’t rule out a run for president in 2020.

“I never rule anything out,” Sharpton told BuzzFeed News.

If Sharpton did take the plunge in 2020, he would likely join a crowded field of 24 Democrats who are currently running for president.

It wouldn’t surprise many if Sharpton ran for president in 2020, especially given the progressive firebrand has long been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump.

Before that, Sharpton accused Trump of playing the “race card.”

While joining the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Sharpton was asked about Trump revealing that he was planning to use an executive order to end birthright citizenship.

Sharpton accused Trump of having not read the 14th Amendment, but also implied the president was only considering the action because he was playing the race card.

“This is all about him trying to stir up his base. He doesn’t mean any of this. He’s playing the race card. He’s playing the immigrant card. And I don’t think he has even read the 14th amendment. It’s like when they asked him his favorite Bible scripture he said all of them.”

Aside from the legal debate, it’s also incredibly mind-boggling to see Sharpton accuse anyone of playing the race card or “breaking the law.”

This is the same guy who claimed last month that Trump supporters are people who “go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.”

Sharpton also came under fire in September for using singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral to claim Trump doesn’t know what “respect” means.

It’s more than clear that the tax-dodger continues to say whatever he can to get more media attention.

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