WATCH: Sheila Jackson Lee Slams Matthew Whitaker After He Annoys Her

During Friday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing about the Justice Department and Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee repeatedly demanded that Whitaker answer her questions with only “yes or no” responses, an instruction that Whitaker did not obey and which subsequently angered the congresswoman.

“The member [Lee] only has five minutes and if she wants yes or no answers, she’s entitled to it,” said Nadler. “I will not allow the witness to stall and waste member’s time. Witness will answer the question.”

Ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said that Whitaker should be allowed to answer a question as he sees fit and then asked Chariman Nadler, “Where were you when [Attorney General] Holder was here [testifying]?”

Rep. Lee returned to her line of questioning and again asked for yes or no answers.  The exchange degenerated from that point as the video shows.


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