What Someone Heard Coming From Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell Just Changed Everything

An incredible lack of answers surrounding the mysterious death of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein continues to puzzle Americans.

Just about everyone on both sides of the political aisle are demanding to know how arguably the highest profile prisoner in America could wind up dead in his jail cell when he was supposed to be on 24 hour watch by guards.

And what someone heard coming from Epstein’s jail cell just changed everything.

A bombshell report CBS News states that a source “familiar with the situation” told the network that there was “shrieking” and “shouting” coming from Epstein’s jail cell.

On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

Congress is the latest to start investigating Epstein’s apparent suicide over the weekend, with new reports raising questions about the federal jail where he was being held. One of Epstein’s guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.

Epstein allegedly hanged himself with a bed sheet that he tied to the top of a bunk bed in his jail cell.

“The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, a law enforcement source said Monday,” the Post reported. “Epstein was ‘unresponsive’ when he was discovered in his cell in the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, the federal Bureau of Prisons has said.”

“He had been placed on suicide watch and evaluated psychologically last month after he was found with bruising on his neck,” Fox News reported. “However, he was taken off the watch in late July.”

Following Epstein’s death, Attorney General William Barr released the following statement:

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

Epstein was arrested and charged last month for allegedly running a sex traffic ring with underage girls.

Things continue to get more suspicious by the day, especially given the unusual circumstances that occurred before, during, and after his death.

Just hours before his suicide, Epstein’s cellmate was mysteriously transferred out of his cell, which left the financier all alone after he was already put on suicide watch.

Then, Epstein was reportedly not checked on by the prison guards who were supposed to be monitoring him.

A mysterious camera malfunction has prevented any footage of Epstein’s alleged suicide from being captured.

On Monday, just two days after his death, a large group of FBI agents raided Epstein’s private island off the coast of the island of St. Thomas.

Epstein’s private palace — which has been dubbed his “Orgy Island” — in the U.S. Virgin Islands is so important because it’s where he allegedly took underage girls for many years to sexually exploit and abuse them.

But soon after his suspicious “suicide” on Saturday, investigators are now reportedly focusing on who might have helped with his illicit activities and where the alleged sexual encounters may have taken place.

With Epstein dead, perhaps prosecutors are now aiming to put his top allies behind bars.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, including one photo from Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding that raises serious questions.

But until more answers are provided, many people will continue to doubt the official story surrounding Epstein’s death.

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