WOW: Jeffrey Epstein Death Bombshell Revealed On Fox News

Alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide on Aug. 10, but there are still countless unanswered questions surrounding his mysterious death.

Several questions also loom about the alleged child sex ring that he operated, who all may have been involved, and how it all got started.

That’s the question being asked by Fox News star Mark Fuhrman, a former LAPD detective, who is questioning Epstein’s connections to Wall Street.

On his Fox Nation docuseries “The Fuhrman Diaries,” Fuhrman argued that the official story behind Epstein is “bulls**t” and that his alleged abuse of underage girls was likely connected to major players on Wall Street.

Fuhrman began by noting how no one seems to know how Epstein — a college drop-out — gained entry into Wall Street’s upper echelon — and, later, became a partner at a top financial firm.

“Epstein’s crimes may have gone deeper than we thought,” Fuhrman said.

“When I look at Jeffrey Epstein, you see this man who was not a stellar scholar at college. He didn’t go to an Ivy League school — he was a drop-out,” Fuhrman added.

“He ends up at the Dalton Preparatory School in Manhattan as a math teacher,” Fuhrman continued.

The former LAPD detective went on to detail how Epstein made a connection with a prominent parent of one of his students — which led to him suddenly landing a job at Bear Sterns, a prominent financial firm on Wall Street.

“All of a sudden, now he’s a trader?” Fuhrman asked.

“And then he’s a partner?” he added.

“I’m going to call bulls**t on this. It’s just too much. It’s over the top,” Fuhrman said.

He added: “You look at these positions on Wall Street, they’re coveted. They recruit from the best schools to get into these places, and here he was, 8 years later, and he’s a limited partner of the firm!”

“My question is, was his sexual activity going on there? Was he a procurer of sexual dates for people of the financial world?” he asked. “Did it start there? Was that his hook?”

Fuhrman’s point is that Epstein — who died with a net worth of around $500 billion — wasn’t some financial genius.

And yet, the alleged pedophile someone amassed tens of millions of dollars on Wall Street when he had absolutely no experience at all trading and working in the markets.

Fuhrman noted that no one really knows where Epstein’s fortune came from and how he was able to make such powerful connections — but it likely started on Wall Street, he argued.

“Because there is no evidence that he was some kind of brilliant financial genius,” Fuhrman said. “And even if he was, as he continued into the financial world, he was deeper and deeper” into sexual deviance.

“It started from the beginning,” Fuhrman said. “That was who he was, and I believe his sexual trafficking and sex crimes go all the way back to the 1970s.”

There are still far more questions than answers regarding the Epstein case and his mysterious death earlier this month.

Epstein was arrested and charged in June for allegedly running a sex traffic ring with underage girls.

While the Department of Justice is still looking into the alleged suicide, investigators will likely turn their attention to those who were closely connected to Epstein.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, which dates all the way back to when President Clinton was in office in the mid-1990s.

Flight records indicate that Clinton was onboard the “Lolita Express” 26 times – five of those without his secret service detail.

Time will tell what happens in the case, but digging into Epstein’s life could shine a big spotlight on the Clintons.

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