You Won’t Believe What Target Trump Picked For A Nuclear Strike

One of the biggest bombshell stories of President Donald Trump’s time in office broke over the weekend — and it’s almost impossible to believe.

Axios published a report on Sunday claiming that during Trump’s first year in office, the president asked his advisors if it was possible to drop a nuclear bomb inside the eye of a hurricane to prevent it from hitting the United States.

To be fair, this is hardly a new idea.

Scientists have suggested a similar strategy for decades as a potential strategy to stop a hurricane from reaching America.

But the media is running wild with the report.

Axios reported:

Behind the scenes: During one hurricane briefing at the White House, Trump said, “I got it. I got it. Why don’t we nuke them?” according to one source who was there. “They start forming off the coast of Africa, as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it. Why can’t we do that?” the source added, paraphrasing the president’s remarks.

Asked how the briefer reacted, the source recalled he said something to the effect of, “Sir, we’ll look into that.”

Trump replied by asking incredulously how many hurricanes the U.S. could handle and reiterating his suggestion that the government intervene before they make landfall.

The briefer “was knocked back on his heels,” the source in the room added. “You could hear a gnat fart in that meeting. People were astonished. After the meeting ended, we thought, ‘What the f—? What do we do with this?’”

Trump took to Twitter on Monday to make it clear that the story is “FAKE NEWS!”

Others have theorized that Trump may have suggested this as a plot to expose leakers in the White House.

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles argued that the White House has had a major issue with people leaking damaging information about Trump to the media.

Perhaps Trump made the comment to see if someone would leak it to the media, Knowles argued:

I think he may have said it to identify leaks. Because what would it benefit Trump to say this, especially if he’s not going to do it? It would benefit him to say it because depending on who’s in the room he could make that statement and then assume that it’s so outrageous it would leak to the press. And then you can tell because the source is being quoted here. So it’s not just that it’s on background, they’re actually using the direct quote – from that it could help to identify leaks.

The White House has been incredibly leaky and the White House has also gotten better and better about governing itself – there was so much chaos early on, there has been more order brought to the White House since those early days. I wouldn’t be surprised if this nuking the hurricane story is actually has nothing to do with weather, nothing to do with nuclear weapons, it’s all about identifying the leaks in the White House. Which is very important, as more and more people from Trump’s orbit turn on the president.

We may never know if Trump actually made the suggestion or not, but it’s certainly comical to see the media salivating over it.

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